Critical Insights into a Rapidly Changing World

Fast Future Publishing is launching FutureScapes  – a regular series of future focused books targeted at a business and generalist audience. The goal is to profile the latest thinking of established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers and future thinkers from around the world and to make it accessible to the widest possible audience. The books will be published in both print and digital format. The first publication is due for release in June 2015. Fast Future has created an innovative model that bypasses all of the traditional publishing channels – selling the print book directly from its own website. Profits are shared with the authors and core team working on the book. 10% of profits from the first book will be used to fund scholarships around the world for people wanting to take courses in foresight research and practice. The entire publishing cycle from idea conception to publication is only four months. We believe the story about the approach to the book will in itself be an inspiring example of how business is evolving and being reinvented in the digital era.

The Future of Business


The first book in the series, The Future of Business focuses on the critical forces, trends, developments and ideas that could reshape the commercial environment and hence the strategy and operations of business well into the next two decades. These insights come from our 60 contributing authors, who are established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers and future thinkers from around the world. Topics include the fluctuating economic landscape, social shifts, the impact of cybercurrency, new business models, emerging technologies such as AI and robotics, new organizational forms, disruptive innovation and practical strategies for exploring and embedding the future.

Book sections

  1. Visions of the Future – What are the global transformations on the horizon?
  2. Tomorrow’s Global Order – What are the emerging political and economic transformations that could reshape the environment for society and business?
  3. Emerging Societal Landscape – Who are we becoming, how will we live?
  4. Social Technologies – How will tomorrow’s technologies permeate our everyday lives?
  5. Disruptive Developments – How might new technologies enable business innovation?
  6. Surviving and Thriving – How can business adapt to a rapidly changing reality? What are the critical success factors for business in a constantly evolving world?
  7. Industry Futures – How might old industries change and what new ones could emerge?
  8. Embracing the Future – What are the futures / foresight tools, methods and processes that we can use to explore, understand and create the future?
  9. Framing the Future – Why and how should organisations look at the future?
  10. Conclusions – Navigating uncertainty and a rapidly changing reality