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Unleashing Human Potential

The Future of AI in Business

The pace of business investment in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating and the level of interest and activity is rising across all sectors.

The intention is to provide a diverse set of perspectives on where the technology is going, how it is being deployed in business today, and how the capabilities, applications, and impact of AI could evolve over the next 3-10 years.

The book is designed to have the broadest possible scope and will be co-edited by Rohit Talwar and Steve Wells from Fast Future Publishing. The full editorial team includes April Koury and Alexandra Whittington from Fast Future Publishing.

The book addresses the following key topics:

  • The role of AI as a catalyst of the fourth industrial revolution; providing a paradigm shift comparable to mass production or the Internet, not a phase akin to ‘the cloud’
  • How AI capabilities, tools, and technologies could evolve over the next 3-10 years
  • Being human and the boundary between humans and machines
  • Future potential applications across a range of business sectors for the various branches of AI – including machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), natural language processing (NLP), image / voice / speech / video recognition, cognitive computing, and robotics
  • The potential impacts, business benefits, and challenges that could arise
  • The importance of an organization’s internal culture to the speed / breadth of AI implementation
  • The power of AI to help unlock the true potential of people in the workplace
  • The potential of AI to transform, reshape, and even create entire industries and economies
  • Possible impacts of AI on employment and how society might respond
  • Potential legal, moral, and ethical issues that could arise from the acceleration of adoption of AI
  • Alternative perspectives the perception of AI in some sections of the media as a force for evil and destroyer of jobs.



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