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50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years

Fast Future Publishing is taking this opportunity to explore scenarios for the next 50 years by publishing 50 perspectives on possible futures from 50 different future thinkers around the world.

The book is designed to have the broadest possible scope and is edited by global futurists Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, April Koury and Alexandra Whittington. The book explores potential future scenarios over the next 50 years across a range of topic areas including:

  • Macro perspectives on the future
  • People and demographics
  • Being human and the boundary between humans and machines
  • Values, ethics and beliefs
  • Civil society – education, healthcare, communities
  • Leisure, entertainment, media and sport
  • Government, economics and legal systems
  • Peace, justice, security and conflict
  • Travel and transport
  • Energy and environment
  • Industries of the future
  • Business, work and jobs
  • Science and technology – current, emerging and yet to be created



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