Specifications for new roles

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Fast Future Publishing ( is a fast growing, energetic new publisher focused on creating outstanding books about the future. We put an emphasis on helping established and emerging thought leaders to maximize the value of their ideas through publications and other activities. Our first two titles are The Future of Business and Technology vs. Humanity (see below).

We are currently looking for two highly capable, motivated and resourceful individuals to join our team to focus on web, social media, PR, marketing, and business development. The precise split of activities between the two roles will depend on the skills, experience and aptitude of the individuals. The range of tasks includes those listed below. We expect both individuals to take these roles and develop them beyond our wildest imagination and to contribute fully to the development of overall company strategy and direction. The roles will be based in London. They are ideally suited to individuals who are passionate about the future and want to be part of a company that has unlimited ambitions and a learning led approach to creating and sharing the future. The reward packages will be tailored to the relevant individuals.

Web and Social Media

  • Keeping the website up to date, fresh and relevant
  • Contributing to the specification of future iterations of the website
  • Build up our presence across all social media channels
  • Regular postings regarding the content of our publications, our authors, our events, and the overall business
  • Drive dramatic growth in our following across all channels
  • Working with authors to develop the social media plan for each book and executing the follow up actions
  • Developing our FutureScapes newsletter
  • Creating a new newsletter under Rohit’s personal brand
  • Managing the FFP blog and adding regular content
  • Updating the website with content about our books, our authors and the company
  • Updating the website and Amazon with product information, pricing, special offers
  • Developing and updating databases of relevant futures, strategy and management events
  • Taking part in the editorial process

PR, Marketing and Business Development

  • Act as the prime point of contact with our PR agency
  • Building up our press contact database
  • Working with authors to develop the PR and marketing plan for each book and executing the follow up actions
  • Managing our programme of media activities – articles, interviews etc. – chasing up the relevant people internally to make sure material is generated regularly
  • Capturing and recording all media mentions for our books and the company on our website
  • Manage our programme of FutureScapes events – booking speakers, liaising with our sponsoring hosts, promoting the events via our newsletter, managing logistics on the night, and building up a panel of hosting sponsors
  • Identifying potential reviewers and responding to review requests – sending out and following up on review copies of the book, posting links to review on our website
  • Taking part in the editorial process
  • Contacting event owners and past clients to promote our book titles and suggest our authors as potential speakers
  • Contributing to the specification of future iterations of the website

If you are interested, please contact Rohit Talwar ( with your CV and a cover letter explaining how you could contribute and why you’d like to work with us.

Fast Future Publishing

Fast Future Publishing develops our books using an exponential publishing model and we have completed the successful launch of our first two books –The Future of Business (top five per cent of all business books in its first year), and Technology vs. Humanity (Amazon bestseller within one week of launch).

We are a new breed of publisher founded by three futurists – Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, and April Koury. Our goal is to profile the latest thinking of established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers, and future thinkers from around the world, and to make those ideas accessible to the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time. Our FutureScapes book series is designed to address a range of critical agenda setting futures topics that we believe are relevant to individuals, governments, businesses, and civil society. Technology vs. Humanity by futurist Gerd Leonhard is the second book in the series and was published on September 8th 2016.

Our first book, The Future of Business, has shipped over 6,000 copies in its first year – placing it among the top five per cent of non-fiction books worldwide. The book provides 60 fast moving chapters and 566 pages of cutting-edge thinking from 62 future thinkers in 21 different countries on four continents. Traditional publishers would take two years to deliver a book of this magnitude; we completed the journey from idea to publication in just 19 weeks. We have also created an innovative business model that bypasses most of the traditional publishing practices and inefficiencies, embracing digital era exponential thinking and applying it to transform the publishing process, the distribution approach, and the profit sharing model.

Our publishing model ensures that our authors, core team members, and partners on each book share in its profits. Additionally, a proportion of profits are allocated to a development fund to finance causes related to the core topic. For The Future of Business, the fund will be used to finance scholarships for those wanting to take courses in foresight research and practice. For Technology vs. Humanity, the fund will be targeted at initiatives that seek to further the debate.